This is your paper

Sometimes while sifting through the letters to the editor inbox IâÄôm tempted to coax a spammer to write something coherent âÄî or at the very least in English âÄî just so I can have words to fill the consistently empty letters template. One would think, after all, itâÄôs only logical that if Mr. Song Lile, the director of operations of the Hang Seng Bank, is willing to give me 30 percent of âÄú$19,500,000 United States Dollars,âÄù for helping him in his business endeavor then he would be willing to submit a letter to the editor. There were just enough letters to get by last week. Many of them were well-written and opinionated guest columns that had to be remanded to the letters section because there werenâÄôt enough letters. One of the most poignant letters appeared in the DailyâÄôs first issue this fall and it pointed out a simple observation: missing oak benches in Willey Hall. Other writers called police misconduct during the Republican National Convention and still others contested The Minnesota Daily editorials. As this week drags on, however, Song LileâÄôs propositions are more frequent than a letter to the editor or guest column. So I beseech The Minnesota Daily readers to become The Minnesota Daily writers. This is your paper. The opinions and editorials pages serve as a soundboard for campus opinion. Write if you see injustice, justice or if you just feel like writing. If nothing else write to call the Daily out. As Chris Benson, the senior editorial board member once wrote: donâÄôt hold back if you disagree with us. We would certainly return the favor. Justin Horwath is the editorials and opinions editor. Send comments to [email protected]