Daily Digest: Occupy Wall Street arrests, Turkey Day travel up

by Jill Jensen

Here’s your daily digest for Nov. 17.

More than 75 Occupy Wall Street protesters have been arrested in a clash with police, reported the New York Times. It said that officers could be seen punching protesters before they were called back by their chief.

After attempting to barricade workers from the New York Stock Exchange, hundreds of protesters then poured into Zuccotti Park, lifting police barricades that had been placed there two days ago.

Until Tuesday, the park had been the home of the two-month movement. Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the New York Times that the park was cleared because “health and safety conditions became intolerable.”


A record number of people will travel since the start of the recession for Thanksgiving.

The Star Tribune wrote that 42.5 million people in the U.S. are expected to visit family and friends, with about 90 percent driving.

Despite increased gas prices and motel rates since last year, the number of people traveling for Turkey Day has increased each year.

AAA, a travel tracker that conducted the study, said that Americans are more willing to travel to spend time with their family.