The best thing I read over break

by Ian Byrne

Ian Byrne here. This is my inaugural Sarah Palin post, and hopefully my last. Aside from watching television and hanging out with Charlie Sheen over break, I read a little news here and there. The best headline I read: Among Independents, Sheen Would Beat Palin in Presidential Race (TIME Magazine). Regardless of my views on Palin, the fact that Public Policy Polling, PPP, a rather reputable pollster, would even bother to entertain such a ridiculous matchup and then have Sheen carry independent voters (considered the Holy Grail by every major party candidate) is, well, hilarious. (Talk about a brilliant public relations exercise by PPP though.) For those wanting vengeance after reading this, Sheen does beat Obama among Republicans 37% to 28%…. with 35% undecided. The PPP press release with polling numbers can be found here on page 13.

We do have some idea how President Sheen would look though.


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