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The best thing I read over break

Published March 21, 2011

Ian Byrne here. This is my inaugural Sarah Palin post, and hopefully my last. Aside from watching television and hanging out with Charlie Sheen over break, I read a little news here and there. The best...

Story time

Published March 21, 2011

Welcome back everybody. Chances are youâÄôve accepted defeat and have returned to normal, non-spring break life. If youâÄôre reading this on your extended stay in Panama City Beach, let...

Obligatory Wisconsin Post

Published March 10, 2011

Ian Byrne here. If you haven’t heard, the Wisconsin Senate voted Wednesday evening to strip public workers’ bargaining rights (Star Tribune, NYT, Fox News). Policy stances aside, the way this whole...

At Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Published March 5, 2011

Ian Byrne here again. Before you make fun of me for posting after midnight on a Friday night, do know that I’m writing from a hotel room in Decorah, Iowa. Hold off on our beloved football chant for now...

Unfit for Print lives!

Published March 3, 2011

Hey everybody. Ian Byrne here. We on the Ops/Ed page have recently been given the option of blogging on Unfit for Print at our leisure. I've decided to start blogging to dethrone "Twin Cities lag on transit...

Dear Mr. Claus

Published December 13, 2010

Much has changed over the years since the U.S. Post Office returned my letter requiring more postage. No wonder I didnâÄôt get that dinosaur that year! How does it feel to live in Russia since...

North Korea’s provocations

Published November 29, 2010

Sipping on a glass of Hennessey and watching his favorite James Bond film, I wonder if it has ever occurred to Kim Jong Il that he is Ernst Blofeld in real life. Blofeld (Dr. Evil is his spoof version...

Pakistan deserves mention

Published November 22, 2010

  ThursdayâÄôs editorial about the war in Afghanistan, âÄúThe long war gets longer,âÄù made no mention of Pakistan. I agree with my colleagues on the Editorial Board that the...

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