University party ends in BB gun sniper fire; two wounded

Sarah McKenzie

Sniper fire from a BB gun broke up a party in southeast Minneapolis Saturday night, injuring two party-goers.
No suspects have been identified in the shooting that occurred at 1131 15th Ave. S.E.
One University student was shot along with a college student from Brookfield, Wisc. The house also sustained damage when one of the BB pellets was fired through a porch window, according to police reports.
Jay Guerin, a junior geography major, said he was shot in the back of his left leg. He said only a few individuals were outside the house when shots were fired.
“I was just outside getting some fresh air,” Guerin said. “I didn’t even realize I was hit at first.”
He walked inside the house and felt a stinging sensation in his left hamstring. Guerin pulled the pellet out and then sought medical treatment at Fairview-University Medical Center.
Andrew Farley, 20, a college student from Wisconsin, was shot in the stomach, according to police reports. Farley could not be reached Tuesday.
Individuals at the party said Farley was treated at the hospital and stayed overnight.
David O’Brien, a junior in computer science, hosted the party. He said the sniper fire appeared to come from a house across the street.
He said he saw a red laser light from across the street before shots were fired.
O’Brien said he approached his neighbor’s house and noticed a front porch window had been broken. He said he suspects the windows broke when the shots were fired from inside the house.
O’Brien said he plans to press charges along with Farley and Guerin. He said Farley has contacted an attorney.

In other police news:
ù Minneapolis police arrested a University student and a 23-year-old man for burglarizing a home in Dinkytown early Saturday morning.
General College sophomore Drew Chacon and Jason Magee were booked at Hennepin County Jail Saturday evening. They were still in police custody Tuesday.
According to police reports, Chacon and Magee were trying to flee in a car when police arrived at the house on the 400 block of Eighth Avenue Southeast.
Among the items stolen at the home include a Sony Play Station, television set and VCR.
Magee and Chacon have no prior record of burglaries or thefts in Hennepin County.

ù A 37-year-old man in a wheelchair was robbed and assaulted in the Cedar-Riverside area last Wednesday.
According to police reports, a group of men surrounded Donald Barnard near the 400 block of Cedar Avenue South and demanded his money.
Barnard had been sitting outside, reading a book when confronted by the robbers.
When Barnard refused, one of the individuals struck him in the face with a closed fist, according to police reports.
The suspects drove northbound on Cedar Avenue in a Ford Taurus, according to the report.
Police have made no arrests. A sergeant in charge of the case said he has two possible suspects that may have been involved in the robbery.
Barnard declined medical attention. He could not be reached Tuesday.