Kluwe, Parrish debate about same-sex marriage

Alexi Gusso

Less than a month after Minnesotans struck down a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe debated the issue with Minnesota For Marriage Campaign Manager Andy Parrish last night on AM 1130

Parrish's arguements largely centered around the belief that children do better when raised by two heterosexual parents, citing research done by various Universities. 

Kluwe challenged Parrish's points, bringing up the issue of divorce. The show's hosts Jack Tomczak and Benjamin Kruse sided with Kluwe, making the debate three-on-one. 

Kluwe, an outspoken supporter of marriage equality, campaigned before the election to defeat the amendment. Parrish worked for the amendment's main supporter, Minnesota For Marriage. 

The two clashed on Twitter last month, where Kluwe challenged Parrish to a debate, City Pages reported.