Kahn wants Franken seated…right now

Devin Henry

Rep. Phyllis Kahn, the DFLer who represents the University’s district, has introduced legislation that would seat Al Franken in the U.S. Senate now, pending the end of the recount trial.

If passed, the bill, H.F. 0493, would seat the winner of a statewide election recount (like this one) when the results of that recount are challenged in court (also, like this one).Thus, while Republican Norm Coleman’s legal challenges (and any subsequent challenges from either party) navigate the courts, Franken would be seated as Minnesota’s junior senator until an official election certificate was awarded.

As the law stands now, no election certificate is to be issued until legal challenges are settled.
The bill, as one could expect, has been met with resistance from the Governor’s office. Through statements to the press, Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s spokesman Brian McClung said the governor finds the bill, "flawed."

Kahn told MinnPost’s Eric Black she knows Pawlenty "might veto it." Also, it would seem unlikely for Republicans in the House of Representatives to cross the isle to override the veto that would almost certainly accompany the passage of the bill.

For now, at least, Amy Klobuchar remains Minnesota’s sole senator.