Monica espouses

Andrew Morton

Despite openly admitting and advocating sexual affairs, infidelity in relationships and abortion, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky really is a good and moral person.
In recent national interviews, for which high amounts of money were paid to the former White House intern, Lewinsky disclosed that “she made a mistake.”
In summary, the former White House intern said that although she had an affair with a married man, she didn’t do it because she believes in destroying healthy family units or because she enjoys embarrassing a nation in the eyes of every other country in the world. Rather, she had an affair because “it was fun.”
“I do have values; I never wanted to destroy Bill’s family,” Lewinsky said. “At the time, the things we did never struck me as wrong.”
There are many other things Lewinsky admits she didn’t think would hurt anyone. A second relationship while still involved with Clinton, although putting her on the same level, was not wrong.
In the midst of her sordid presidential affair, Lewinsky found herself unhappy with herself and her Pentagonian lover. Instead of quitting the relationship, she pursued another.
“I just felt like such a failure for not making Bill happy,” she said. “Being sexy to another man made me feel sexy.”
And although she got sex, as well as pregnant, she remained unhappy. An abortion was the result of her ability to please herself.
“Being happy and having fun is the most important thing,” Lewinsky added. “If I didn’t love myself, how could anyone, even a child, love me?”
Through all of her trials, she remains adamant that she is not a bad person. Rather, others have made her out to be that way. Lewinsky said other people used and betrayed her. Her only role was as a pawn in their cruel game.
Despite her status as a marionette, she did take the initiative to chase the president.
“Showing my thong underwear to Bill the first day we met was not wrong — we were flirting,” Lewinsky said. “Flirting is not wrong.”
She admits she would not repeat many of the actions that stamped her as “trash,” but she doesn’t regret them because they represent her as a person.
“I just like to have fun, no matter what the consequences.”