New details gleaned from search warrant in rape case

The search warrant offered greater detail regarding the allegations and the evidence.

Mitch Anderson

Investigators released details Monday of the alleged rape of an unnamed 18-year-old woman by three University football players.

A search warrant listed evidence police sought and seized in an evening search of the University Village apartment where the alleged assault took place. The warrant also contained in-depth allegations against the three for the first time.

Prosecutors have not charged Alex Daniels, E.J. Jones and Keith Massey with the alleged sexual assault, which police say occurred sometime late April 3 or early April 4.

Police have not released the name of the accuser, and it is the policy of The Minnesota Daily not to identify victims of sexual assaults.

The search warrant listed items belonging to the players that were seized as evidence, including bedding, mattress pads, used condoms, cell phones and couch cushion covers.

The players were arrested Friday, April 6, while police searched their rooms, University Police Chief Greg Hestness said.

The players were released the following Monday when Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman declined to file charges at that time. All three players have denied the rape allegations.

According to the warrant, the woman arrived at the apartment Wednesday night with a friend and started drinking vodka and socializing with other people.

She became intoxicated over the course of the night, police say, and the three men picked her up and brought her into a bedroom, where the alleged sexual assault took place. The woman went into the living room and passed out on the couch, according to the warrant.

“Generally speaking, when someone is intoxicated to the point of vulnerability, there becomes a point where it’s assumed they can’t give consent,” Hestness said. “At that point, it becomes a legal matter.”

The woman was partially undressed when she awoke on the couch, police say. She was unable to locate a red headband and the underwear she had been wearing before the incident as listed on the warrant.

Police say the woman located the suspects’ phones in the apartment, entered her number into them and called her own phone to further identify the suspects.

After the incident, police said, a person from the residence drove the woman home. She then began receiving text messages and phone calls from the suspects, according to the document.

Hestness said the case is still open and investigators continue to follow leads and collect evidence.

“It’s important that the county attorney has all his questions answered before he makes his decision (to press charges),” Hestness said.

He added that results of the DNA evidence collected during the investigation could be out until June, depending on the backlog at the laboratory.

“In this case, the detectives have done a tremendous job,” Hestness said. “There’s zero room for complaint and every reason to commend them for the job they’ve done.”

Since the arrests, students have gathered to show support for the accused, and a student-organized anti-rape rally is scheduled for 8 p.m. Thursday on Northrop Mall.