Act as constituents

A $5.2 billion deficit for Minnesota means cuts âÄî a lot of them. And if the past decade is any indication as to whatâÄôs going on the chopping block, brace for another astonishing tuition increase, far exceeding the rate of inflation. The outlook for the University of Minnesota already appears grim. Lawmakers have publicly stated that it is almost certain the University will not receive its requested $141.2 million. Furthermore, the state of Washington, which faces similar cuts, told the University of Washington to brace for 20 percent cuts for the entire university system. Or schools like University of North Carolina, whose governor has asked state universities to cut their budgets by 5 percent. As the University is sure to face budget cuts that could impact the price of tuition, students need to have their voices heard; higher education could soon prove unaffordable. We urge students at the University to contact their representatives by writing a formal letter or calling offices of state lawmakers to make a case for investing in higher education, especially the University of Minnesota. Lawmakers need to hear from their constituents to fight against potential cuts in higher education. We also urge students to contact the office of Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who will be making many of the difficult cuts and has not mentioned whether he would prioritize higher education, which is likely to take second place to K-12 education. Tuition prices in fairer economic times have risen at extraordinary rates, and the trend hasnâÄôt reversed itself. DonâÄôt let your lawmaker de-prioritize higher education.