Senior leads from fourth line

Katie Frischmann has played on the fourth line since her freshman year.

Minnesota forward Katie Frischmann plays against St. Cloud State on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012, at Ridder Arena.

Anthony Kwan, Daily File Photo

Minnesota forward Katie Frischmann plays against St. Cloud State on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012, at Ridder Arena.

Megan Ryan

Senior Katie Frischmann hadn’t scored a goal since her freshman year.

Last weekend she scored the last goal in Minnesota’s 8-0 win over Bemidji State.

Head coach Brad Frost said he hadn’t seen his team happier after a goal all season.

Senior captain Megan Bozek is Frischmann’s roommate and best friend. While her teammates recognize Frischmann’s contribution to the team, Bozek said it was time for a game to show it as well.

“I’m glad she got that,” Bozek said. “She deserves to be recognized, definitely on the score sheet.”

Frischmann is a versatile forward and defender for the Gophers but has spent most of her career on the fourth line. While some players would be upset about the lack of playing time, Frost said Frischmann doesn’t let it get to her.

“She’s always been somebody that people really respect because of how she’s responded and put the team ahead of herself,” Frost said.

Bozek said Frischmann plays her role on the team to perfection — whether that’s coming off the bench or motivating her teammates between periods.

“You’ll never see her complaining about anything,” Bozek said.

But Frischmann said it hasn’t always been easy adjusting to her limited playing time. Growing up, she didn’t play on the fourth line often, and as a Division I athlete, the competitive side of her wants to be a starter.

“At times it’s challenging,” Frischmann said. “Nobody enjoys coming, working your butt off week-to-week and then watching your team play.”

Frischmann said her perspective has changed since experiencing the fourth line. Now she savors every shift she skates and never takes a moment in the Minnesota jersey for granted.

The senior also tries to set an example for younger teammates who are disappointed at playing on the fourth line.

“I think it’s nice to have somebody older than you to try to help you keep a positive attitude,” Frischmann said.

Frost said Frischmann is considered a leader on the team even though she doesn’t have the most minutes.

“I think her personality is one of the best on the team, and people are drawn to her,” Frost said. “And in turn that makes her a great leader.”