Latest poll shows statistical dead heat in Senate race

Mike Rose

The latest Star Tribune Minnesota Poll puts Al Franken at 42 percent to Norm Coleman’s 38 – within the poll’s 4.1 percent sampling error.

It will be fascinating to see how this race ends. Independence candidate Dean Barkley’s sizeable polling numbers – at 15 percent in this latest poll – seems to be the story of the race, and if either Franken or Coleman is able to sway some of those voters, they seem the best bet to win. However, don’t rule out Barkley. He’s been consistently polling well and could find himself emerging as the other two continue to sling mud. Jesse Ventura ’98, anyone?

What is certain is that Minnesota is home to some of the closest races in the country. In addition to the Senate race, battles in the 3rd and 6th districts have been very contentious, with the Bachmann-Tinklenberg race in the 6th drawing national attention. If you’re a Minnesotan and you like politics, consider yourself lucky in 2008.