Single Review: “A Ghost to Find,” Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

Jared Hemming

It’s easy to get lost in Minneapolis quintet Sun Gods to Gamma Rays’ “A Ghost to Find,” a single off their new album that dropped this month.


Drummer Mitch Miller, keyboardist Peter Bregman and bassist Brian Gollnick lay down a syrupy groove that Paul Flynn’s zany guitar rattles keep hovering in the atmosphere.


Despite the jam’s R&B grind, Brianna Kocka’s thin, ethereal voice keeps the song shimmering on the surface without oozing too thick into your ears.


As the tune expands in its chorus, taking Flynn’s tremolo shredding to new peaks as Kocka’s double-tracked voice dominates the song’s easy-to-absorb sensory pleasures.


SGTGMR strengthen the song’s slow-boiling texture with the video’s intriguing storyline, which follows a pair of angels (or are they witches?) convert a woodland wanderer while waterfalls flow backwards and Kocka belts it out in front of an ominous fire.


“A Ghost to Find” shows Sun Gods to Gamma Rays continuing to refine their psychpop sound, this time letting a little soul and R&B simmer in the band’s moody, rhythmic grooves.