Mike Schmit for MSA president

Schmit and Cummings are the best candidates for Minnesota Student Association’s next leaders.

Editorial board


Beginning Monday, University of Minnesota undergraduate students should vote for the next president and vice president of the Minnesota Student Association — the undergraduate student government.

The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board endorses candidate Mike Schmit and his running mate Fiona Cummings to lead MSA into the 2013-14 academic year.

Schmit has numerous ideas to champion a more affordable, more united and responsible undergraduate experience.

Schmit plans to develop programs to control costs related to textbooks, such as the development of a marketplace for textbooks and a plan to develop open source resources in University classrooms.

Mental health and mental health awareness have been large issues for college students, especially at the University. Schmit plans on adopting a successful counseling service from Stanford University in order to adapt our current mental health services to better meet demand. Additionally, more translated materials and more efficient Web access to Boynton Health Service make up Schmit’s plan for next year’s MSA.

Schmit and his running mate, Cummings, the director of the organization’s Student Outreach and Engagement Committee, bring original and expansive ideas to the job of leading MSA. While there are other qualified candidates for MSA president, Schmit offers an array of new ideas to improve the experience of the student body and better the University in tangible, direct ways.

Regardless of who you are interested in voting for, or what topics are most important for you, we urge all undergraduates at the University to vote for the next leaders of MSA at vote.umn.edu.