Greening the University

Jayme DittmarâÄôs Thursday column âÄúMaroon, Gold, and GreenâÄù hit the nail on the head. The UniversityâÄôs lack of action in taking a true part in sustainability courses amazed me when I was first introduced to the student driven group, Campus Beyond Coal.
The fact that a school such as the University is one of the last Big Ten schools to convert to clean energy is mind blowing when âÄî as Dittmar stated âÄî we have the resources to do so. We have the research groups, we have funds and we have students seeking change through groups such as MPIRG, Do It Green! and Campus Beyond Coal.
Now, we need the UniversityâÄôs help in taking action. This year, Campus Beyond Coal is driven to get the University to pledge and make a plan to quit using dirty fuels such as coal as soon as possible. I believe that through the actions of the student body, our voices can be heard, and we can help the University reach sustainability goals.