How should refugees make us feel?

Recently, I have seen news and posts about how we shouldn’t allow people into our country to escape the injustice and war infested zones. Their reasoning? We have homeless people in our country.

There is no denying homelessness is a problem. It has been a problem for a long time, and it likely will be a problem until someone does something about it. Unfortunately, before we had to think about allowing more people in our country, many did not seem to be as passionate about homelessness in our country. It’s like saying that, “We have our own problems to deal with before we can help you,” but all along we have not done much to change our problems.

Certainly, I am not saying we should put all our money toward helping refugees. Perhaps there is an answer in which we can put our efforts toward helping both the homeless and refugees. In any case, we cannot use our homelessness problem as an excuse to not help those in need.

We have been hurt before. We have suffered loss because of terror attacks. So have many others. French President Francois Hollande said France would be welcoming 30,000 refugees over the next two years. This statement comes barely a week after the terror attacks in Paris. They recently experienced the horrors of a terrible group radicals and terrorists, and yet they will still allow refugees into their country.

I don’t want us to be ignorant of the terrors and injustice that are happening here and around the world. However, those are the attacks of a sadistic group of radicals, not of a religion or one country or one people. Do we really get the right to pick and choose when to help people in the world based on when it is most convenient? We have charged into battle to help our fellow humans around the world. Why does it have to be different when it means we have to share our land and our home?

I am no expert. I have not had experience in foreign affairs. However, I am an American. And how should I, as an American, feel about helping my fellow humans? I should feel honored to open the door to someone who is in need. I can do that much for my fellow humans.

If homelessness in our country is really an issue you feel strongly about, then go out every day and make it your mission to end homelessness in America. Donate. Give your time and your money to that cause. Don’t use it as an excuse to not help someone else.