Cee Lo Green calls City Pages Andrea Swensson gay via Twitter

by Raghav Mehta

So news broke on the twittersphere earlier today – Cee Lo Green is either:

1) An unabashed homophobe or 2) The most immature 37-year old on the internet

Of course, the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. 

Responding to a not-so-favorable review featured in last night’s Rihanna/Cee Lo Green recap, the Dirty South’s foul-mouthed Soul Man took an unexpected jab at CityPages music editor Andrea Swensson via twitter earlier this afternoon.

Tweet from Cee-Lo Green’s account:

@gimme_noise I respect your criticism but be fair! People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing ur gay?and my masculinity offended u?well f—k U!” 


The local twittersphere is already up in arms about the fracas and Swensson responded earlier this afternoon on Gimme Noise. 

Stray Observation: Twin Cities AVClub editor made an astute comment admist the uproar – 

 “ thinks ‘fuck’ has five letters, according to his tweet.” – @jasonzabel

Cee Lo has yet to respond.

Stay tuned. This thing can only get weirder.