Pawlenty wants more troops, bashes Obama spending

Alex Robinson

Gov. Tim Pawlenty may be contradicting himself as he continues his unofficial march toward a presidential campaign, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

The governor wants more troops to support the war in Afganistan, but he has also critisized President Barack Obama for overspending.

"I believe that the commanders on the ground are saying ‘We have to have more troops.’ I think in order to protect the troops that are there, and to complete the mission, we should honor that request and implement that request," Pawlenty said on a radio show, according to MPR. "I don’t know if President Obama is going to do that. I think he should."

According to MPR, the federal deficit will reach about $1.6 trillion this year, adding to a debt of $11.9 trillion. Pawlenty largely blames Obama.

Earlier this month from Pawlenty: "Mr. President, you said ‘We don’t have any more money as a nation.’ Well, if we don’t have any money, stop spending it," he said. "Second of all, stop taxing us into oblivion. Stop spending us into bankruptcy and the next time you have the chance to address the young people of America, maybe you should apologize for dumping this crushing amount of debt on their head and shoulders."

A report from the Congressional Budget Office states that Congress spends about $2.6 billion per month on the war in Afghanistan.

According to MPR, when asked about how to balance the concern over the deficit with his wish to send more troops to Afghanistan, Pawlenty said the military is not "the main reason for the deficit exponentially growing."

Pawlenty has been a strong supporter of the military since he took over as governor in 2003.