Student stigma with Sporty’s license

Kristie Gaalswyk

As a college student and a resident of the Como neighborhood, I was offended by the comment that SportyâÄôs receiving a liquor license will be the catalyst to âÄúnoise, parties, parking issues and public urination in the surrounding areaâÄù by students living in Como. Is this how people in the communities around campus really view the student population? Do they view students as uncontrollable fiends who are ruining their quaint neighborhoods? I, like many college students, will occasionally go out for some fun, but that does not mean I am reckless, careless or even irresponsible. I do particularly care about the neighborhood I live in and would not want to see it be tarnished by offensive behavior, and I know many college students who feel the same. Many have even taken active roles in the communities they reside in by volunteerism or involvement in neighborhood events. This positive action, however, has not destroyed the stereotype of inebriated, idiot college students. Despite all the positive influence we try to yield in our communities, many still view students as a detriment to local neighborhoods. What will it take for college students to be able to break down the stigma? Kristie Gaalswyk University undergraduate student