State cuts will fundamentally change the University

Drake Nimz

IâÄôve had an amazing experience so far at the University of Minnesota. Even my many hours studying in Walter Library or Akerman Hall are oddly fun. I feel like part of a community here at the University.

However, IâÄôm concerned about the UniversityâÄôs future. The state Legislature continues to decrease funding to our great University, even though the state of Minnesota sees a $13 return for every $1 invested into the University.

As I was walking through Coffman Union this morning, I saw a group of high school students taking a campus tour. I am usually a huge proponent of going to college at this University. But this morning was different.

I had just finished reading another article about how the state was cutting funding to the University again and how the different colleges were planning to handle these cuts. As I walked past the tour group, I thought to myself, “DonâÄôt go here.”

I am extremely concerned about the University and whether those prospective freshmen will have all the opportunities I have had during my time here. I fear if the legislators sitting in St. Paul follow through with their proposed cuts and continue the pattern of slashing our budget, the University will not be the University I know.