Last thoughts on Dinkytown riot

This incident deserves much more attention and examination in retrospect because it reflects a greater truth about the safety of our students on campus, especially in dealing with the use of alcohol. The riot demonstrates the danger that comes from the excessive consumption of alcohol on campus. Admit it, alcohol use is prevalent on campus and equivalently precarious acts have taken place as a result. The only difference is that those cases never made it to The Minnesota Daily or a public environment for that matter. I think it is time to stop playing the âÄúwhose fault is itâÄù or âÄúthis is an exceptionâÄù game, and instead start considering how we can make it a collective and proactive responsibility to ensure the safety of each other and prevent more alcohol-related hazards in the future. As students we need to be more aware of the real dangers that may come from this fun game we play, because there is a point where âÄútoo much funâÄù stops and becomes a violent reality. Autumn Chen University student