Daily adds audio/videocontent to Web site

Jake Weyer

Editor’s Note:

The Minnesota Daily is expanding to better serve its readers.

Today, visitors of the Daily’s Web site will find a video accompanying the article about Saturday’s fashion show at Rarig Center. The film is the first product of the Daily’s new audio/video department.

The videos do not involve Daily employees acting as news anchors, reciting stories. The films allow viewers to see and hear the stories as they happened.

In the fashion show video, models can be seen walking down the runway, and the music played Saturday at Rarig Center can be heard.

Sometimes, audio will accompany a story without any video. If President George W. Bush speaks at the University, a sound bite of that speech might accompany the story.

The audio/video department’s work is dependent on visually appealing stories or those that can produce engaging audio. There is not a set schedule for sound bites or videos to be published on the Web site.

A small graphic in the paper will accompany stories that include audio or video elements. To access the feature online, readers can look in the multimedia section or click on the story headline.

The new department, located in Murphy Hall, lets broadcast journalism students get their work published. Anyone interested in doing broadcast freelance work for the Daily should contact Kent Erdahl at (612) 435-2762 or at [email protected] The Daily’s Web site is at www.mndaily.com.