Street style: In Blegen, hallways turn to runways

These people have to spend precious moments of their University career in Blegen Hall. Luckily, they look good doing it.

Greta Morgan, Elizabeth Kristian, Sammy Yahiaoui and James Molitor pose for portraits in Blegen Hall.

Ellen Schmidt

Greta Morgan, Elizabeth Kristian, Sammy Yahiaoui and James Molitor pose for portraits in Blegen Hall.

Sophie Vilensky

Dark stairwells with no traffic policy, high-school-reminiscent bathroom graffiti and the permeating smell of basement Subway. There’s just something about Blegen Hall. 

Then there’s the array of gorgeous people from a number of majors that wander its halls, only there because they have to be. They roam the windowless hallways on the way to a liberal arts discussion with only the promise of a single-serving Papa John’s pizza to get them through.

From mismatched shoes to vintage gems, here’s a taste of the looks that brought a little brightness to Blegen Hall on Tuesday.

Elizabeth Kristian, 20

Major: Sociology 

What they wore: Goodwill pants, American Apparel turtleneck, T.J. Maxx shoes

There’s something magical about a good high-waisted pant/turtleneck combo; there always will be. Add the perfect haircut (that wave!) and a sleek pair of something close to a Chelsea boot, and you’re in business. Kristian, inspired by the ’40s and ’80s, owns three turtlenecks, all of them black. This is the chicest thing we’ve heard all week.

Sammy Yahiaoui, 19

Major: Entrepreneurial management 

What they wore: Clothes from skate-shops and Walmart, Vans shoes.

As it turns out, Yahiaoui had ripped his other black Vans and was supplementing with a white shoe because of it. “A man of function accidentally turned into a man of fashion,” he said, aptly. But doesn’t it work well? And while normcore is essentially over, the Walmart and various skate-shop shopping circuit is perfectly of the times. 

James Molitor, 25

Major: Fine arts

What they wore: Buffalo Exchange jacket, Zara sweater, American Apparel pants, Sven shoes.

Outfit inspiration? “Honestly, I just checked the weather,” Molitor said. But when you look at everyone else wearing an infinity scarf and snow boots, you know there’s a little something more to it. And while it’s easy to do right in all black during the winter, Molitor keeps things upscale with a peek of white and Sven — oh Sven! — leather shoes. Lavis

Greta Morgan, 20

Major: Religious studies

What they wore: American Apparel pants, H&M shirt, Dr. Martens shoes, ColourPop lipstick in “Venus,” family heirloom rings, sushi socks from mom.

Bright lipstick, yellow detailing on the shirt… and those green socks. Thank you, Greta Morgan, for bringing Blegen the pop of color it needed. Matching her lipstick with her noise-canceling headphones, she won’t hear you when you compliment her — but it’ll be well deserved. And the glitter on her cheeks? Glossier could never.