Police still searching for TCF bank robber

Also, two women are facing assault charges after attacking someone in Coffman.

Police are still pursuing the suspect involved in the robbery of the TCF Bank on Washington Avenue on Sunday afternoon. The robber conducted what the FBI called a âÄúnote jobâÄù by sliding a handwritten slip of paper to the teller demanding cash. He then told the teller, âÄúIâÄôm watching you,âÄù and advised the teller to act normally, FBI Special Agent E.K. Wilson said. After receiving the money, the suspect was seen exiting the building heading toward downtown Minneapolis. Investigators have surveillance footage from TCF cameras of the suspect, according to a news release from the FBI. Tellers involved in robberies have been encouraged to call the TCF employee helpline if they experience any residual effects or emotional distress, and oftentimes are entitled to a leave of absence for traumatic events, TCF spokesman Jason Korstange said. Once a robbery is committed, a location will sometimes shut down for the rest of the day while police conduct initial investigations. The bank tellers on duty at the time of the robbery could not be reached for comment. The TCF Bank on Washington Avenue does not employ security guards, although several TCF locations do. Security guards are placed in locations that are determined to be at risk through analysis of previous robberies, time of year and concerns involving other banks in the area, Korstange said. The possibility of a security guard at the Washington Avenue location is not being ruled out by TCF. Security guards may be stationed at different locations for months at a time, and then move on to another assignment. âÄúA lot of times [security guards] can ease the tension,âÄù Korstange said. âÄúMany times they slow [crime] down.âÄù

Coffman crime

Police responded to multiple incidents at Coffman Union over the weekend: -Two women are facing fifth degree assault after attacking a University of St. Thomas student on the first floor lounge of Coffman Friday night, according to a police report. After a short verbal altercation, Chauntel Bryant, 19, slapped the victim and threw her to the ground, when Chrysanne Watson, 20, joined in and started kicking the victim, according to the report. A group of men pulled the women off of the victim, but Bryant and Watson chased the victim down and once again began to punch and kick her. Bryant was apprehended in the Coffman basement, while Watson fled the building and was caught in the mall area a short time later. -Officers of the Middle Eastern Student Association were victims of theft Saturday when a person climbed over dividing walls on the second floor of Coffman into their offices, MESA Secretary Murid Amini said. The thief made off with a laptop computer and two iPods, according to the police report. -A 28-year-old man was issued a citation for consuming alcohol in public early Saturday morning after offering beer to patrons at a dance in CoffmanâÄôs Great Hall, according to a police report. The man was apparently intoxicated and was drinking a can of beer. The arrestee was informed that he would be receiving his citation by mail.