Minnesota’s actual energy future

In a previous letter to the editor, titled “Minnesota’s energy future,” the student writing described a future in which coal is still hailed as the primary source for power. This is not a viable option.

I don’t mean that the United States doesn’t have enough. I mean that at the rate we’re going, we will soon have reached the point of no return. At that time, we will have dumped more carbon dioxide, a major byproduct of burning coal, into the atmosphere than is safe.

To me, it seems that solar power is being criminally underutilized at less than 1 percent of our total energy supply. It’s also not correct to assume that the sun has to be shining all the time to make solar a viable option; solar panels build up reserves to use when the sun doesn’t shine.

No one is suggesting that we freeze to death. Realistically, it’ll take a while to completely divest from coal sources. But until then, we need to take steps because climate change is happening and it’s happening fast.