I-35W bridge designer does not want to be held liable

Briana Bierschbach

 The designer of the Interstate 35W bridge has asked a judge to keep the fact out of the 100 plus lawsuits that have sprung up after the 2007 collapse, according to MPR. 

A lawyer for Jacobs Engineering, based out of California, said that too much time passed since the bridge was built for the court to impose liability, noting that Minnesota law relieves it because ten years has passed since design work was done by the company it acquired.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board ruled last November that undersized gusset plates connecting bridge beams led the bridge to fail,  killing 13 people and injured 145.

Progressive Contractors Inc., based in Saint Michael, Minn., is a repaving company that had materials piled on the bridge the day it collapsed. The company, along with the URS firm tasked with inspecting the bridge, are being sued by victims for negligence.

The Minnesota judge didn’t rule from the bench, according to MPR.