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Die Antwoord’s nutty LP “Donker Mag” par for their zef course

Die Antwoord burst onto a scene of their own creation with 2009’s video for “Enter the Ninja,” a darkly surreal South African rap track with a killer chorus from their debut album, “$O$.”  Today, they released their third album, “Donker Mag,” and it’s crazier than the rest. 

Rapper Ninja and vocalist/rapper Yolandi, the duo behind Antwoord, are set on pushing the envelope beyond … everything.  The album is a sex-laced freakout (Yolandi is naked on the cover if that’s any indication), channeling the same aggressive rave ambiance of their other albums, while delving even deeper into their nightmarish subjects.

It’s a character-based act — Ninja and Yolandi are performing constructs, otherly beings that exist to amuse and frighten.  Case in point: last month’s video for one of “Donker Mag’s” singles, “Pitbull Terrier.”  Ninja spends the video running around as a humanoid pitbull in movie-quality special effects, attacking unsuspecting passersby before dying and being transformed back into Ninja after Yolandi spits in his mouth.  Yup.   Her freaky vocals, all white makeup and continuing penchant for alien wardrobe choices further cement them as an in-your-face, musical non sequitur. 

Ninja said this in a video about Die Antwoord's origins: “We started [expletive] around … sticking these things that don’t stick together, together, to create the style.” That pretty much says it all.  

"Donker Mag" 2.5 out of 4 stars

If you're intrigued by Die Antwoord's beginnings , here's some early work.

"Memoirs of a Clone" by Watkin Tudor Jones (aka Ninja)

"Songs from the Mall" by Max Normal

"The Ziggurat" by The Constructus Corporation


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