Health aid available for students at Boynton

Maggie Hessel-Mial

Sore throats, coughs and even the flu seem to run rampant through the halls of every dorm on campus. For this reason, Boynton Health Service is available to serve students and faculty who can’t seem to shake an illness or just need a check-up.

Every student taking more than six credits is charged a student services fee. This fee covers much of what students daily take for granted, including the Rec Center and many of Boynton’s services.

“Boynton sees more than 100,000 visits each year from students,” said Dave Golden, director of public health and marketing for Boynton. “The main reason for this is that students are covered for almost everything by their student fees.”

Students can go to Boynton for anything from a cold to a broken bone. General medical visits, lab tests and x-rays are just a few of the free services offered to students.

ïStudents who wish to quit smoking can use the clinic’s smoking cessation counseling to quit.

ïFemale students can have their annual exams, including pap smears and sexually transmitted disease testing, done free of charge. HIV testing is also an option for anyone who feels they are at risk for the disease.

ïFlu shots are provided to any student with more than six credits who wishes to be inoculated.

ïAnnual eye exams as well as nutritional counseling are also available.

While there is an additional cost, massage therapy, dental exams, physical therapy and mental health counseling are offered at Boynton, and might be covered partially by students’ insurance, depending on their plan.

A problem arises when many people who are living away from home for the first time might not know when to use the health service, said Sheryl Daubenberger, nurse manager at Boynton.

“In the dorms, there are health advocates to ask for advice or the community advisor.” Daubenberger said. “Students can always call the medical information nurse line for advice.”

The Medical Information Nurse Line is (612) 625-7900.


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