Two words: semen tea. Teknolust, Saturday’s headliner for the Walker Art Center’s Women with Vision film fest, features a trio of cyborg clones who subsist on human semen. Lynn Hershman Leeson’s sci-fi-with-a-twist humorously explores the scientific and emotional ramifications of artificial intelligence. A geneticist (Tilda Swinton, who also plays all three cyborgs) comes under fire after several men develop strange symptoms as a result of having sex with one of her clones. When she tries to give her cyborgs a semen substitute, they escape their video-monitored bedrooms to take matters into their own hands. While ridiculous on the surface (come on – the clones boil used condoms to make their life-giving semen tea), Teknolust delves into some serious issues, such as feminine identity, sexual freedom and gynophobia. And it’s worth it just to hear the dorky scientist guy cry: “It’s bio-gender warfare!”