Vote on political issues

In response to Don WernerâÄôs Monday letter: please Don, DO NOT VOTE. Without even addressing your twisted views on abortion and especially gay marriage I implore you not to vote. People like you, who cast their votes based on one or two moral issues, put our country in the position it has been in for the last eight years. DonâÄôt get me wrong, IâÄôm not saying you shouldnâÄôt vote because our views on gay marriage and abortion are so totally opposite, IâÄôm saying you shouldnâÄôt vote because your view on what makes a person a good leader are, well, wrong. Of course character is something to look at, but whether a person is pro-choice (there is no such thing as pro-abortion) or for homosexual marriages has absolutely nothing to do with how capable they are of running a country (case in point: President George W. Bush). One more small point, I noticed you threw âÄúGodâÄù and the âÄúBibleâÄù around a lot. Again, without getting into a contest about where our differences on that issue lie, I would like to make an observation. People with your views tend to mix up âÄúGodâÄù and âÄúreligionâÄù with a lot of things that arenâÄôt, like science, politics or history. God and religion have nothing to do with any of those topics. They are not interchangeable, should not be mixed, and neither one should ever, ever be used to explain the other. As soon as you insert your religious dogma into places it has no business being, youâÄôre already confusing personal beliefs with the true and relevant topics at hand. So, I beg, everyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent, to vote, but please, for the sake of this country vote on POLITICAL issues, ones that are important to this country, not ones that make you feel warm and squishy inside. Peter Larson University student