Town versus gown argument

This letter, albeit late, is addressing Bernard BleekerâÄôs editorial rant âÄúA call to halt rowdy behavior!âÄù against students in early July. Clearly, his anger toward students engaging in âÄúrowdy behaviorâÄù not only exemplifies his disconnection with one of the largest universities in the nation but also displays his ignorance with the town and gown academic argument. A proper way to address this issue would be to bring it up with the University’s student government or the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs. This is a one-way conversation that simply angers students instead of empowering the students who are respectful to take action. Keep in mind that most of the arrested rioters at Spring Jam were not University of Minnesota students. Students have few choices as to where to live on campus. Most upperclassmen move into the Southeast Como or Stadium Village neighborhoods not only for lack of on-campus housing space but lowered cost (though still inflated). Students will continue moving farther into Northeast, Uptown and Midway and encompassing every niche of Southeast Minneapolis. This change is constant. Let us not forget the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood AssociationâÄôs âÄúloveâÄù for students. I haven’t forgotten that the executive committee approved the expenditure of $4,100 in NRP dollars for the party patrols to occur before the end of the year. Or their request from the stadium committee for hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them âÄúsafeâÄù with party patrols âÄúmonitoringâÄù underage drinking. How about actually working with students? How about building bridges for once? Is that so hard? So I ask you, sir, where should we live? There are thousands of us. What do you expect? You hate the noise, but I bet you love the ridiculously low cost of living adjacent to a campus, the cultural offerings and, clearly, the employment available. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. To gain one thing you have to sacrifice another. You chose to live here, knowing full well of your neighbors. If you would reach out to us on National Night Out on August 4 to eat ice cream with us and discuss, it would be fruitful; this rant, unfortunately is not. Mike Linnemann University graduate student Southeast Como Resident