Halloween costumes story coverage

by Holly Miller


In the recent article in the Daily, “Suggestive costumes the norm tonight” and that is posted on our website, a number of concerns have come to my attention.
Two of the sources in the story have expressed concern that they were negatively portrayed in the article and asked that the article be removed.
It is not the policy of the Minnesota Daily to remove content on the web, but as the reporter on this story, I would like to be forthright in what the story intended to do and how it was reported.
Noticing a trend of college women who dress more scandalously for Halloween and who often quote the “Mean Girls” quote, I decided to look into this.
The women I interviewed were asked about why they chose to dress this way, how they felt society influenced them to do so and they all said they did not dress in this way to draw attention from the opposite sex, but to let loose and have a good time with girlfriends.
The women in this story all expressed to me that they do not normally dress in these types of outfits and that this night is an exception.
Critical voices in this story aimed to discuss what others thought about this trend and were not intended to criticize the women in this story, but society’s overall views on this issue.
Comments online have also suggested that the gender bias issue was ignored in this story, however, readers should know sources did indicate that there is not the same standard for men to dress this way for the holiday as there is for women.
My intention in writing this article was to present a trend that many college women participate in, including myself. I have worn revealing costumes for two out of my three years of college and I know I was not doing it with the intention of being a “slut.” This story was in no way trying to portray the women in this article in a negative light.