CORRECTION: Rose Bowl Scenario

Trevor Born

The Minnesota Daily ran a story Wednesday, October 29 which erroneously said that if Penn State makes the national championship game and both Ohio State and Minnesota won all of their remaining games, Minnesota would make the Rose Bowl Under that scenario, Ohio State would reach the Rose Bowl. The scenario reported Wednesday was based on rules that were replaced for the 2006 season. The information was originally reported incorrectly by the Associated Press on October 22. The current rules for choosing a team that goes to the Rose Bowl, according to the Big Ten website, only consider conference records in tie-breakers, and not overall records. Minnesota and Ohio State both have just one conference loss, but Ohio State also has a nonconference loss. Since the new rules don’t use overall record as the first criteria for ties, the fact that the Buckeyes beat Minnesota this season would give them the tiebreaker advantage. However, if Ohio State loses again and Penn State makes the national championship game, Minnesota would make the Rose Bowl by winning out. Here’s the scenario if the Gophers would finish in a tie for first with Penn State: The two teams did not play each other, so the next tiebreaker eliminates the team that played the most teams from the Football Championship Subdivision, but both teams each played one FCS team. The next tiebreaker is overall record, which would remain a tie. The next tiebreaker, as the Daily reported Wednesday, would eliminate the team that went to a BCS bowl game most recently, which was Penn State in 2005.