Frigid freakin’ tire

The frigid winter winds were howling and Elmo had just finished his shift on the assembly line of the slinky factory. He pulled out of the parking lot in his wood panel Elmomobile Cutlass Cruiser and noticed a flat tire. “Oh F##õ%!!!” Elmo exclaimed as he stared at the the frozen and flat piece of rubber which was once a trusty tire. “I’m sick of these car problems,” he yelled and hailed a cab to go home. He knew it would be mostly sunny today, highs in the teens. Wednesday will have a high of 20. The car would be there in the morning and he could fix it then. He wasn’t more than 15 feet from his car when a yellow snowplow barreled down the road leaving the Elmomobile buried in a 6-foot pile of snow. “Darn.”