Questions from the Other Side: Defensive back Tsali Lough

Jack White

For this weekly column, Minnesota Daily sports reporter Jack White will interview a player from Minnesota’s next opponent. Indiana State defensive back Tsali Lough was interviewed this week..

Redshirt senior Tsali Lough, a veteran in the backfield for the Indiana State Sycamores, is a returning starter. He had an interception and a fumble recovery that he returned for a touchdown in Indiana State’s first game this season — a 41-25 victory over Butler. The Sycamores play the Gophers Saturday at TCF Bank Stadium.

What’s it like to be a veteran on this defense now?

It’s nice to see how all the new guys [that] have come in have been able to mold with the guys who have been here, and to see everybody really come together and work towards one goal.

Jay Johnson, the offensive Coordinator for Minnesota, is in his first season of coaching the Gophers. How do you prepare for an offense that doesn’t necessarily have a ton of film ready for you to look at?

We’re going to play our game and make sure our schemes are all sound. We’re going to watch film from last week against Oregon State and get what we can from that and look into coach Johnson’s staff and see anything in his old film that can help us out from his old coaching job.

What’s your favorite stadium you ever played in?

Purdue’s got a pretty nice field. I like their grass field. It’s really flat.

Do any NFL players inspire you?

My favorite player of all time is probably Emmitt Smith, and I think now, I’m probably more of a Russell Wilson fan or a Kam Chancellor fan.

What are your plans for after this season?

Personally, I plan on joining the Marines and going into Officer Training School and hopefully be in special forces one day.