Police plan to swarm U area over weekend

Police officers from four different agencies will target University streets Saturday night to crack down on drunken driving, stopping drivers for any and every traffic infraction in the process.
When police officers targeted the University during a similar patrol in April, they ticketed 376 individuals for traffic violations. Police arrested 18 people for driving under the influence of alcohol.
This weekend is first time University Police will host the saturation patrol, said Capt. Steve Johnson. He said 14 additional squad cars will be on the lookout for impaired drivers.
Besides the University Police, the Minnesota State Patrol, Minneapolis Police Department and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office will cover the campus.
“We want it to be a safe evening for everyone,” Johnson said.
“If you are partying, don’t drink and drive,” he said. “Be responsible and have a designated driver.”
A breath-alcohol testing mobile will be stationed near one of the University’s major parking lots, according to a statement issued by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.
“Homecoming weekend and Halloween by themselves increase the number of impaired drivers, so together they give law enforcement even more reason to be concerned,” said State Patrol Lt. Cheri Frandrup in a prepared statement.

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