Daily Digest: earthquake, swing states, cheeseburgers and a margarita

Jessica Van Berkel

A earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday — killing at least 65 people and destroying buildings. Rescue teams are hunting through rubble for approximately 100 people who remain missing and may be buried. Prime Minister John Key said it could be “New Zealand’s darkest day,” according to the Associated Press. Residents moved into temporary shelters, like schools and community halls, while tourists clustered under tents and plastic sheets as rain poured, the AP reported. The 6.3-magnitude quake was the second to hit Christchurch, the country’s second largest city, in the past five months – the first one was not deadly. TVNewZealand has footage from the aftermath of the disaster:

In next year’s presidential election, half the states that were firmly Democrat in 2008 may not look so blue. The Washington Post reports that the 2012 election will be much closer, as states across the nation shift to the right. A Gallup poll shows the number of states where Democrats had a double-digit edge on their opponents has dropped from 30 in 2008 to 14 in 2010. Despite indictions of a more competitive election, The WaPo warns that mapping party affiliation doesn’t necessary equate to what will happen Election Day.

If you ate the burgers, you can’t complain, according to the Civil Law Committee in the Minnesota House. They approved a “cheeseburger bill” that would prevent pop-drinkers and burger/chicken wing/pizza-eaters (aka fast food chain customers … aka all of us) from suing food companies for weight issues, according to the AP. The bill is intended to prevent frivolous lawsuits, said Rep. Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City.

To help your Daily digestion: today is National Margarita Day. Our office is raving, and apparently so is City Pages’. Check out their marg recipe – or if you have one of your own, post it below. And thanks.