Flasher suspect in police custody

Mehgan Lee

University police arrested a suspect that they had sought the public’s help in locating.

Richard Lee Sanders was arrested on the morning of Sept. 3 near campus.

Sanders was arrested for probable cause of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and indecent exposure, said Deputy Police Chief for the University Police Department Steve Johnson.

Fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct involves nonconsensual sexual contact with any person, masturbating or indecently exposing oneself to someone who is under the age of 16.

Prosecutors could attempt to charge Sanders with felonies due to his previous convictions.

In the last 10 years, Sanders has been convicted of indecent exposure six times. His record also includes a conviction for third-degree assault and two convictions for fifth-degree assault.

In a University-wide e-mail sent Aug. 30, the police asked for the University community’s assistance in locating Sanders.

Another University-wide e-mail sent Saturday reported that someone from the University tipped the police off to Sanders’ location. Police arrested Sanders as a result of the tip.

“The assistance of the public was very helpful in locating Sanders,” Johnson said.

“The coverage we had and the calls and assistance we had on him is how we caught him.”

Johnson said indecent exposure and criminal sexual conduct are not frequent crimes on campus.

“But if you’re the victim of it, it’s rather disconcerting,” he said.