Three students are needed to form a campus group

With all the tension and stress related to classes, many students need to find ways to escape. With more than 400 official student groups at the University, one can find many extra-curricular activities to blow off some academic steam.
To find out what organizations are out there, students can visit
The Web site contains a list of all student groups and links to the groups’ Web sites.
The groups range from recreational sports to fraternities and sororities.
Yet if the Golf Course Superintendent’s Association America or the Pizza Club for Studs seem uninteresting, there is always the option of starting one’s own group.
Students need three people and 15 bucks to start their own group, said Ellen Ackerman, assistant secretary at the Campus Involvement Center. Ackerman invites students interested in founding a campus organization to stop by the involvement center to go over the process.
The Campus Involvement Center is located in 256 Coffman and will be moving into Stadium Village after fall semester. Representatives can be reached at 626-6919.
— Megan Boldt