Concerning the debate on “philosophy of abortion”

Paul Fosaaen

The upcoming debate on the philosophy of abortion should not happen until changes are made. Two men âÄî I repeat, men âÄî are debating abortion. It is heartbreaking to me that in our supposedly progressive era, men still believe they can discuss issues concerning a womanâÄôs body. While I firmly believe that men can be feminists, that means they must understand that the voices of women must be heard too. Clearly these two men do not understand that it is not fair for them, or any men, to discuss what a woman does with her reproductive organs. Until any manâÄôs genitals collapse into themselves to become a vagina, I do not believe any man can speak for a woman when it comes to abortion. Instead, what this debate needs is women who represent both sides of the discussion in order to better voice the opinions of women. Paul Fosaaen, University undergraduate student