Super Bowl Style

Melanie Richtman

So apparently February 2nd is Super Bowl Sunday. If you are anything like me, you probably have no interest in either of the teams who will be playing (I’ll save you the trip to Google, it’s between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos), yet, you will still be forced to attend a party of some kind. But what are you supposed to wear when you don’t own any NFL merchandise to begin with, let alone for the participating teams?

First, you are going to have to pick a team to support, so you can either ask someone who follows football to cue you in, or you can pick a team based on which color combination you like best. The Seattle Seahawks’ colors are bright green, silver and navy. The Denver Broncos’ colors are blue and orange.

Second, start with comfortable basics. Pair skinny jeans or leggings with some tall leather boots, which will be the perfect combination for a day of cheering and eating. Next, try wearing layers on top, such as an off—the—shoulder sweatshirt and a scarf. For example, if you are supporting the Seahawks, you could wear a green v-neck t-shirt with a navy blue cardigan — simple and spirited.

The last and easiest thing you can do when getting dressed for the Super Bowl is add small doses of your team’s colors with accessories or makeup. If you are supporting the Broncos, why not try an orangey-red lip stick or some blue eyeliner? Seahawk fans can throw on a coat of green nail polish to show their spirit.

Now that you have an outfit in mind, you should go memorize players so you can sound like you know what you are talking about. Just kidding, everyone knows you’re only there for the commercials, half-time show and chicken wings.







Hat, Lids // Striped Top, Pure Connection // Cardigan, Jcrew // Nail Polish, Ulta // Jeans, American Eagle // Scarf, Target //

Boots, Joules // Sweater, American Eagle // Lipstick, Model Cosmetics //