Buy your books online

Are you worried about paying for next semester’s books? So was I until I discovered that you can save hundreds of dollars online. I went online and searched for a required Spanish textbook and found it for $3. The University of Minnesota Bookstore wanted to sell it to me for $40 out of my pocket.

Now, professors are creating University versions of textbooks and lead you to believe that you can only get them at the bookstore. This happened to me, and the only noticeable difference between the University copy and a copy from the Internet was that one had the University’s name printed on the cover.

Also, often the only differences between earlier and new editions of textbooks are minute and insignificant. Is there a real need for these constantly updated editions? Most often, no, I do not think so. It is just a way for companies to continue to make profits off of us obedient students. Use the Internet. Frankly, any website you find that has your book probably has it cheaper than the bookstore here at the University.

They don’t call us “broke college students” for nothing. Buy your books online. It has saved me hundreds of dollars so far.