Boynton livens up marketing campaign

Lynne Kozarek

Advertisements for Boynton Health Service have been pretty somber in the past, but this year University students are getting a glimpse of the cyber side of Boynton.
In 1986 the health center presented its small graphic next to an ad featuring Spuds MacKenzie, the bull terrier that briefly represented Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. products. In 1989, the vehicle for the center’s message was a comic strip called “The Boynton Blurb.” In 1992, a giant mouth invited readers to enjoy “A Dental Bargain to Sink Your Teeth Into.”
David Golden, director of health education and marketing, said Boynton needed a new campaign this year because the past ads were sedate and serious. To implement a new marketing strategy, Boynton added two new faces to its advertising group this year: Michonne Bertrand and Michelle Sorenson. Bertrand came to Boynton through a routine job search, but Sorenson had worked there as a student.
“We all looked at the old ads and decided they were a dumb use of space. Not many University students walk around and wonder what kind of health events are going on this week,” Golden said. “Our new ads contain three pieces. The first is educational in nature. The second focuses on an area that is weak on campus — that no one seems to know what is covered in the student services fee. The third part focuses on special events. For instance, a few weeks ago it was (actress) Gabrielle Carteris and two weeks ago it was the Jeep Eagle Fitness Tour.”
Golden has a lot of experience at the University. He was a student here and in 1984, he worked for the University in epidemiology. In 1989, he joined Boynton Health Services.
“We decided to run the computer screen ads because they were completely whimsical,” Golden said. “They promoted the CyberSHADE web page and they looked clever. The staff at Boynton particularly like them.”
Carol Uchel, administrative assistant in health education, said she has never before worked on a campaign like this year’s. Boynton’s advertising budget is no bigger this year than last, the staff is just more creative.
Boynton ad staffers get a lot of ideas for the ads by conducting surveys on campus. The services the center provides and the ads it runs are based on the information gathered.
“We have been inundating this poor campus with surveys for the past two years,” Golden said. “You probably have 19 in your mailbox right now. These surveys give us a better feel for what is happening on campus. We focus on sex, drugs and alcohol and general wellness. The most recent survey was on student finances and credit card debt, so maybe that will show up in some future ads.”
Boynton marketers say they hope the new ads will be more noticeable than before so that, in the future, students will participate in more health programs paid for by student services fees.