Students from Minnesota win 2013 Rhodes scholarship

by Tyler Gieseke

On Nov. 18, two students from Minnesota won the Rhodes scholarship for 2013 along with 30 other students from the United States, the San Francisco Chronicle said.

Beginning next October, the Chronicle said, scholarship winners get to study at Oxford University in England. 

Wayzata native Georgianna Whiteley was named a Rhodes Scholar along with Clayton Aldern, from Cedar, the Chronicle said.

Whiteley is a senior majoring in chemistry and minoring in biology at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, the Chronicle said. Aldern attends Brown University in Providence, R.I., where he’s a senior studying neuroscience.    

Planning to go to medical school after two years at Oxford, Whiteley hopes to become a doctor and deal with global health issues and inequities. At Oxford, Aldern wants to work on a “brain-computer interface” that would allow paralyzed patients to control a prosthetic limb with their thoughts, the Chronicle said.

Of the 32 American students awarded the scholarship for 2013, seven are from Yale University and six are from Harvard, the Chronicle of Higher Education said. In all, American recipients represent 16 different colleges and universities.

Several University of Minnesota students have been named Rhodes Scholars in the past. In 2010, College of Science and Engineering graduate student Prerna Nadathur became the seventh student from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus to receive the scholarship since 2001, according to University News. Priya Sury, a University graduate student who went to high school with Nadathur, was also named a 2011 Rhodes Scholar.