Bloggers add theirs to the Trayvon Martin investigation

Simon Benarroch

The Miami Herald reported that a group of diligent bloggers have been using their free time to comb the masses of published evidence for the Trayvon Martin killing. Their efforts are based largely on the feeling that both the justice system and the mainstream media failed to look closely enough.

Both pro-Martin and pro-Zimmerman bloggers contributed to the report. They have spent much time breaking down second-to-second accounts of the night Trayvon was shot, but differ in their specific theories. 

Pro-Zimmerman bloggers like criminal defense lawyer Jeralyn Merritt emphasize evidence that suggests Martin "lingered too long" at certain points on his walk and may have had time to circle around and attack Zimmerman, which backs up his story.

Several pro-Martin bloggers have pointed out holes in Zimmerman's account, however. For example, Martin's body had been found 50 feet from where Zimmerman said he was attacked. They believe the inconsistency is due to the fact that Zimmerman did not want to admit he had been following Martin after he called the police. 

Bloggers have also dissected the two's personal lives through social networking investigations. Some from the pro-Zimmerman camp have sought to portray Martin as a "drug-addled thug," the Herald reported, arguing that the AriZona and Skittles he bought before his death were ingredients in a drug concoction called "Purple Drank." There are, however, pro-Zimmerman blogs where these personal attacks are not allowed. 

Merritt, a member of one such site said, "I love that instead of reporting gossip, we can use actual documents."

However, Attorney Jose Baez, who successfully represented Casey Anthony believes "armchair experts" actually inhibit the justice process. He said Florida's public record law has enabled "a dog and pony show, and people want to march in the parade."