More with Eclecticoiffeur

by Kara Nesvig

Here’s a little one-on-one I did with the ladies that was a teeeeeny bit too big to make it into the print version.


-Where does your inspiration come from? 
We like to tell stories about our shoots. We’ll sit down and say “Who is this person? What is happening here? What do we want this to say?” So a lot of what I end up doing is based on those conversations. I like quirky little details and paying homage to old movies that I like or artists I enjoy. Most of the time no one really see these things but me, but then again I’m also the girl that paints naked ladies entirely gold.
-Which makeup lines are your favorites?
Ben Nye all the way! It’s chuck-full of mineral oil that is really bad for your skin.  It’s stage makeup, so as an esthetician I beg of you, don’t go buy this stuff to use everyday. But there is nothing that shows up on film or a runway like it. Amazing color clarity, cheap, clean, and they make a killer faux mustache! But no, I’m not telling you where I buy it. I’ve gotta keep some  of my secrets.
-Did you do any sort of schooling or are you just super talented naturally?
I learned about skin at the Aveda Institute, but their makeup course was very limited at the time. Doing theater back in the day was vital. Stage makeup is very specific. I’m glad I had that as a base. Truth is, you can read the books or take classes or watch videos. But if you really want to learn and improve you just need to get messy and play.
-What’s one product you can’t live without?
Beautifying oil from Aveda!  Don’t be scared of the oils people, they will change your life!

-Where does your inspiration come from? 

Media and magazines obviously. But there’s a little something you’ve always wanted to try, and that branches off and you begin to research.  A focal point comes to me, and I kind of go from there. 

-Which hair lines are your favorites?
Obviously Aveda. I think Davines, an Italian hair care line. 

-What’s a product you absolutely have to have along with you for styling?
Aveda Air Control hair spray.

-Did you do any sort of schooling or are you just super-talented naturally?
I trained at Aveda Institute, and have taken classes at Aveda Congress from the top instructors at Aveda and Juut as well as top national hair stylists like Ruth Roche in New York and Maureen Anlauf. I’ve done training myself for Juut training centers in Uptown and in Palo Alto, California. 
-How do you assemble shoes/clothes/etc. from local retailers? How does that process work? 
It depends on whether I’m doing the shoot for a retailer or designer client, for a publication, or for my own portfolio. With a retailer or designer obviously they are lending their merchandise to be featured. For a publication, you typically contact a good mix of retailers (i.e., vintage, high-end designers from a local boutique, mid-range designers from a department store, local designers from a local boutique) and more often then not, they are excited to have their merchandise featured. It’s like free advertising. For test shoots and things that are just for my own book, I rely on the relationships I’ve formed with boutiques and local designers, as well as my own stylist wardrobe – which takes up most of my studio.
-Who are your favorite designers?
Of course I’m always inspired by Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Miuccia Prada, Nicolas Ghesquière, and Karl Lagerfeld. But local designers like Max Lohrbach, Annie Larson, and Amanda Christine can be even more inspiring to me, because the clothing can be just as and cutting edge, but it’s affordable for me and I can have pieces that are one-of-a-kind and even custom-made for me. 

-What inspires you?
Street fashion blogs, photo spreads in magazines like Vogue Italia, French Vogue, and i-D, music and fashion icons of the past, historical and vintage references, art and design, and the amazing local artists I’m fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with. Sometimes they become muses to me themselves.

-What’s something you need to have with you on every shoot/project?
A styling kit that’s made up of the basics: Double-stick tape, gaffer’s tape, fishing line, safety pins, and a mini sewing kit. I always brings a bag of fabric flowers, ribbon, and a ton of bold jewelry to every shoot just in case something needs an extra kick.