Make space for student groups, not athletics

by Kong Pha - University student

As the issue of space allocation and the (potential) elimination of the cultural centers in Coffman Union proliferates among student debates on campus, I have come to witness hostile âÄî and sometimes racist âÄî behavior toward the current cultural and ethnic groups in Coffman.

It is a shame that topics such as the second floor of Coffman ignite negative responses from so many students. I have also read many different articles pertaining to other construction around campus, such as the Weisman Art Museum expansion, the expansion of the University Recreation Center and the building of TCF Bank Stadium. Perhaps if the University invests more in building office space for its student organizations instead of these other spaces, the issue of space allocation would not be such a hot (or racist) issue.

The Monday column by Lolla Mohammed Nur does have a point in that every student is welcome in any of the cultural centers or student group offices in Coffman.

The notion of space in Coffman is that it is to be used by groups to create an atmosphere of diversity, tolerance and education. Thus, with groups rotating in and out of space every year, no stable notion of diversity, tolerance, education and learning can be established. We do not rotate our departments out with other departments. University President Bob BruininksâÄô office space does not get rotated every year.

The University should build more office space for student groups and cultural centers, as they are an essential part of the University, instead of creating more space for athletics.