Daily’s elections coverage adequate

The All-Campus Elections Commission has leveled accusations of fabricating quotations and using inaccurate information in the April 29 article “Zearley tactics called unfair” against The Minnesota Daily.

These serious accusations warrant serious examination.

Following an examination of the records and conversations with reporter Jens Manuel Krogstad, Campus Desk Editor Shannon Fiecke and Minnesota Student Association spokeswoman Laura Casey, the complaints against the Daily article appear to be unfounded.

Casey asserts Krogstad was inaccurate when he paraphrased her, “It is not against campaign rules to fabricate election results and use them to campaign.”

According to Casey, she said, “No rule was broken; therefore, we cannot take action nor make any comments.”

The difference between them, Casey said, is “the difference between breaking the rules and it being allowed.” She said she feels MSA was misrepresented.

Comment: The statement attributed to Casey is consistent with Krogstad’s notes. Futhermore, the attribution follows standard journalism practices.

Casey further stated it was inaccurate to write, “at least four former candidates have filed multiple complaints” against MSA president- and vice president-elect Tom Zearley and Amy Jo Pierce.”

Krogstad asserted that he confirmed the filing of complaints with four candidates before the documents were released.

All-Campus Elections Commission documents show complaints filed against Zearley-Pierce, with four former candidates verbally confirming filing them in phone interviews. Verbal confirmation was necessary because all names on the complaints have been blacked out.

Casey also claims that the statement attributed to her, “campaign financial statements will be closed indefinitely,” is false.

According to Krogstad, Casey said in a phone conversation that she did not know when the reports would be ready.

There is no way to verify either claim. Correspondence shows a train of not-ready-yet responses on behalf of the All-Campus Elections Commission.

Responding to Casey’s accusations, Krogstad said, “I’ve never fabricated any info in any story I’ve ever written and I stand by my April 29 article 110 percent and then some.”

Editor in Chief Shane Hoefer said, “If the story the Daily was telling was untrue ACEC wouldn’t be considering reform for next year.”

Aggressive reporting like Krogstad’s often steps on toes. He continued his practice of solid journalism in this story.