Produce less children, value each one more

We’ll think of our children’s future and ensure they’ll have enough resources.

I agree with Jason S. Ketola that people should limit the number of children they create and here’s why:

Postpartum depression gets more severe with each child. According to Cheryl Meyer, a psychologist and lawyer, in an article on, “a mother kills one or more of her children at least once every three days in America.” Fathers kill children too ” 31 percent.

Too many children can cause a financial burden in which the father feels he must work all the time to support his growing family.

More time working and less time with the children leave the children feeling neglected by their father and weaken the bond between father and children. Also, since the father works so hard, the stress caused by worry and work will cause his early death. This is why women outlive the men. The men are working too much to provide for the family.

In addition, how can all the children go to college? They can’t.?

In fact, having many children shows the children that the woman’s place in the home, producing and raising children. It further shows that women can never be equal to men because they lack higher education and knowledge of the world outside the home.?

Just like China, we should limit the amount of children we have, but it can be limited to two children instead of one. If couples want more children, they should adopt or do foster care to give a child a loving home, which they might not otherwise receive.

For example, one-third of the children in Hennepin County’s adoption program never find a home.

By getting children off the streets, they learn good values and morals. For those women who “must” use their reproductive organs, be a surrogate mother to couples who can’t have children. You’ll make money and make a couple very happy.?

By producing less people and taking care of the ones we have, we’ll be thinking of our children’s future and making sure there will be enough resources for when they get older.

If we don’t, we’ll end up in a chaotic world where there is neither enough housing, food, jobs or place for everyone. We need to think about the consequences of bearing children first before having them.

Rhonda Jacobson is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected]