Twitter rolls out video service

Kia Farhang

The gif may soon be outdated, so don't worry if you still can't pronounce it.

National Public Radio reported Twitter's new video service, Vine, unveiled Thursday.
The application, currently available to iPhone and iPod touch owners, allows users to shoot and share video clips up to six seconds long, according to the Twitter Blog.
The launch hasn't gone entirely smoothly, however.
The New York Times reported some users who signed on the service found themselves logged into someone else's account. In some cases, those users were even able to view others' private information, such as unlisted phone numbers, the article said.
Video sharing, which had been disabled in the light of the aforementioned security issues, was restored Thursday, according to a tweet from Vine.
Wired magazine described the service as "Instagram for video," comparing Vine to the photo-sharing application recently acquired by Facebook.
While short video files, commonly referred to by their .gif extension, have been created and shared on sites like Tumblr in the past, Vine allows users to shoot clips with sound.
Vine can be found in the App Store. Though the service is currently available only on Apple platforms, the company plans to expand compatibility in the future, according to NPR.